Customize Twitter With One Click

Twitter can feel a little cluttered sometimes. With Glitter, you can remove the clutter and and some pop with over 25 customizable themes and presets.

Twitter just got a whole lot more stylish.

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1,000s of possibilities

Choose from 25+ plus Glitter themes, or create your very own.


Whether you're looking for a one-click theme or advanced customization, Glitter has you covered.

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25+ Themes

Glitter comes with over 25 ready-made themes, and more are being added all the time. Choose from Light, Neon, Dark and many more.

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Advanced Customization

Can't quite find a theme you like? Not a problem! Glitter lets you create and edit as many themes as you want, so you can find the perfect fit.

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Easy to Use

Glitter is built to allow you to easily customize your Twitter theme, without worrying about any issues or complications.


How do I use Glitter?

To use Glitter, just add the Chrome extension to your browser, and it will automatically start working. To change the theme, click on the Glitter icon in your toolbar and select your theme.

How many themes can I save?

You can create and save as many themes as you want.

Can I edit or delete a theme I don't like?

Absolutely! Glitter lets you edit every theme, including the presets, and even lets you delete your custom themes if needed.

I have another question

If you've got another question, contact me at, or on Twitter @jarodpeachey